Member Testimonials

These are the stories that drive us.

Roman is a digital health clinic specializing in men’s health. Our mission is to make quality care accessible to everybody.

Nobody should have to suffer in silence.

From our members

You have given me back a part of life I thought was just gone. For that I am sincerely grateful.

Texas Feb 2018

You have seriously helped me with something I never thought I would feel comfortable addressing.

Texas Jan 2018

Everyone has been great and super helpful, thank you for making this normally sensitive topic comfortable and providing the help and support I needed.

Connecticut April 2019

I recently rekindled with the love of my life after waiting 24 years; you made our first time like I always imagined back when I was 28 and I first saw her.

North Carolina March 2019

Thank you so much for your help and partnership in taking care of me as a patient. I’m having a honeymoon because of your help.

Alabama Feb 2018

Thanks again for helping those of us who have suffered so long in silence.

New Orleans Feb 2018

My 19 year marriage was going down the drain until Roman. You guys have done me a tremendous favor.

New York Feb 2019

This literally saved my marriage. Thank you so much.

North Carolina March 2019

From the doctors

“The barriers to receiving care vary. For some, it is literal geographical access. For others, it’s finding the time or the financial resources – from cost of care to having to take time off work.

Roman solves for those barriers by giving patients digital access to a physician and delivering treatment directly to their door.

Roman’s discreet platform also helps the patient to open up and be more honest, sometimes helping the doctor get to know them even better, even though it’s all online.”

Dr. Jennifer Frangos, DO

Family medicine doctor and physician on the Roman platform

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