the future of men’s health

Our mission is to improve the lives of men and their partners by making high-quality healthcare accessible and convenient.

And for us, it’s personal.

Our Principles

We believe digital healthcare should be:


The online visit is designed and vetted by a team of leading health experts to help the doctor get to know you and personalize your treatment.


The doctor-patient relationship is at the core of everything we do. Doctors are paid by the number of people they help, not by the number of prescriptions they write.


Treatment doesn’t start or end with a prescription. Roman members get free, unlimited doctor follow-ups and can easily message a doctor with any treatment questions.


The healthcare system can be incredibly complex and difficult to understand. We lay out the details of our service and treatment options – from medication pricing to doctor credentials.


We believe in educating members. That’s why treatment plans include advice about not only the prescription medication, but behavioral modifications that may help with underlying causes.


We believe in de-stigmatizing health concerns, but we will always respect your privacy and take great care to protect it; from discreet packaging to confidential only visits.

Dive in deeper

For even more transparency, we’ve written a number of in-depth articles further explaining how Roman works.

How are doctors on Ro compensated and how do payments work?

The healthcare system is phenomenal at obscuring how much things cost and where your money goes once it leaves your pocket.

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Ro isn’t operating in a regulatory vacuum; we’re in a regulatory spiderweb

As much as most startups would love to say what they are delivering is “fundamentally new” or novel, in our case, we can’t.

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Take the first step

Men are 24% less likely to go to a doctor over a one year period.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Everything Roman does is scientifically backed and vetted by leading experts in men’s health. We’re changing healthcare for good, and we know it’s worth it. Because when men feel better, the people who love them do, too.

Powered by Ro

Roman is powered by Ro, an end-to-end consumer healthcare company. To ensure a seamless experience for our members, every part of Roman is built and operated by an in-house team, from the online visit to the physician platform, pharmacy network, and beyond.

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Meet the founders

For us, healthcare is personal. Ro was born out of real-world experiences with the healthcare system and the pursuit of something better. Ro’s founders came together in 2017 under one driving force: to put you back in control of your healthcare.

Zachariah Reitano, CEO

Saman Rahmanian, CPO

Rob Schutz, CDO

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