How big is the average penis size?

5.16 inches long

Nearly 90% of guys have a penis between 4-6 inches

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How Big is the Average Penis?

The good news first. Statistically speaking, most guys have a normal penis. A 2015 study of 15,521 men found that the average erect penis size is 5.16 inches long (13.12 cm). And the average penis circumference (aka “girth”) is 4.59 inches (9.31 cm). Of course, there are guys who lie at the extremes of penis size on both ends of this scale. Everyone is different, and that’s great. But what’s really interesting about the average penis size is how many men fall within an inch of the range of “normal penis size.

How Common is a Large Penis (+7″)?

25 years ago, the Kinsey Institute found that up to 90% of male penises are within an inch of the average size, and a recent follow-up study from Durex and DPI largely backed up that claim. Statistically speaking, that means most guys have a normal-sized penis. No, really. Your penis is most likely within normal ranges.

About 90% of men have 4-to-6-inch penis

Large penises just aren’t that common. According to legendary sexual health researcher, Alfred Kinsey, extremely large penises (+7-8 inches) are “exceedingly rare.” In fact, the original Kinsey penis-size survey found that only:

  • 1% of men have a penis between 7-8 inches
  • 7 in 1000 guys (0.7%) have a 9-inch penis
  • and 0.1% of guys have a penis larger than 9 inches. (That’s 1 in 1000)

Average Penis Size: Myths and Stereotypes

A lot of myths and stereotypes link penis size to race, hand size, or even shoe size. But there just aren’t enough credible studies to back up any of these claims. Most guys have a penis that’s within an inch of the average size (which is about 5 inches). So stop freaking out about your penis size and focus on more important health concerns.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by serious conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. If you have ED, or any other problems like premature ejaculation, penis curvature, pain, or discharge, talk to a doctor to get to the underlying cause.

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