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One of the causes of premature ejaculation (PE) is over-stimulation of the penis. To reduce that over-stimulation, men have a variety of topical anesthetics to choose from. Some men prefer creams, lotions or sprays, while others swear by topical anesthetic benzocaine wipes. With a low side-effect rate, discreet packaging and ease of use, wipes can be a great PE treatment for reducing overstimulation without eliminating sensitivity.

What are Roman Swipes?

Roman Swipes are easy-to-use topical anesthetics that reduce the intensity of sexual stimulation that can often lead to PE. They can prolong the duration of sex without completely removing sexual sensation.

How do they work?

Wipe the head of the penis, the underside where there is a sensitive ridge (the frenulum), and other sensitive areas. You know your body, and your most sensitive areas may be different than others. It’s best to try it alone the first time and see how it affects you when you masturbate to get a sense for how much you might need to apply.

Apply the wipe to the head of your penis. Wait 5 to 10 minutes. Then wipe the area with a damp tissue immediately before sex. This is especially important if you’re anticipating having oral sex.

Side effects

If you’re allergic to benzocaine, you might experience typical, topical allergic reactions like redness and swelling. Contact your doctor if you notice any reactions.

What else can I do?

Along with topical anesthetic benzocaine wipes, there are other options for men suffering from PE who are looking for over-the-counter or non-medication-related ways of treating PE. We recommend a few behavioral modification techniques. You can start these exercises on your own and they’re a great way to gain control and learn about your sexual responses.

Important note

Roman Swipes don’t prevent pregnancy and won’t protect you from sexually transmitted infections. Don’t use the wipes when your partner is pregnant or trying to become pregnant.


Why would I use Roman Endurance Wipes?

If you want to avoid the use of medication or you can’t take medication, or you’re looking to increase or maintain control without eliminating sensitivity, you may also want to complement your current PE meds.

Do Roman Endurance Wipes protect from sexually transmitted infections or prevent pregnancy?

No. The wipes do not prevent pregnancy and do not protect you from spreading or getting sexually transmitted infections.

You should also not use the wipes when your partner is pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Does it really work?

In an independent, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, Phase-4, clinical trial, 82% of participants were no longer considered to have PE at the end of the 2 month study. The time to orgasm was just 75 seconds at the start of the study, nearly 3 minutes after one month and 5.5 minutes after two months. That’s a 340% increase.

*(PREBOOST ®,Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial, Dept. Urology Weill Cornell Medicine, 2017,Veru Inc.)

Is my hand going to go numb if I use the wipe and masturbate?

Unlikely. Hands have thickened skin called keratinized skin that is more resistant to the effect of the wipe. As a precaution, you can wipe your hands and penis with a damp tissue after the medicine has taken effect (5-10 minutes).

What is the advantage of a wipe over a spray or cream?

Sprays are a bit imprecise, less discreet and not travel-friendly. After you spray, you’ll need to rub it in to desensitize any specific areas, which somewhat diminishes the advantage of a spray.

Will I lose all feeling in my penis when I use the wipes?

No. Roman Endurance Wipes contain benzocaine at a carefully controlled concentration of 4%. Therefore, using the wipe doesn’t overly desensitize the penis like a higher concentration might. Unlike wipes, many other products cause the penis to be completely numbed to sexual pleasure.

How big is the packaging for Roman Endurance Wipes?

It can be easily carried in a wallet or pocket, and each wipe is slightly smaller than a regular condom wrapper.

How long will the effects last?

It’s variable, but over time you’ll learn how much to apply, and where to apply it, to produce the best effect. Generally, the effect of the medication will last 20–30 minutes.

Will the wipe stain my clothes or bedding?


Does it have a smell?

Initially, there’s a light alcohol scent, but after it dries it has no odor or taste.


Many men are so sensitive to sexual stimulation that a topical agent that reduces overly intense sensations is welcomed. The real trick is finding a solution that can decrease intensity without eliminating the sensations of sex. Now, it’s possible to use a topical anesthetic and experience, with practice, just the right balance of sexual pleasure and duration of intimacy.

The wipes can be used with condoms, have no scent, don’t transfer and have no taste when applied 10 minutes before foreplay, as directed. They don’t prevent pregnancy and won’t protect you from sexually transmitted infections. Don’t use the wipes when your partner is pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Benzocaine wipes are one of the only topical agents with positive results (American Urological Association Annual Meeting 2017) from a Phase-4, independent, double-blind placebo controlled, randomized clinical study. Data shows that benzocaine wipes statistically and significantly improved both objective and subjective symptoms of PE, compared to placebo wipes.

In this study, 82% of participants using the benzocaine wipes were no longer considered to have PE at the end of two months. In fact, the time to orgasm during vaginal intercourse was just 75 seconds at the start of the study, but nearly three minutes after one month and 5.5 minutes at the two month mark. That’s a 340% increase.

Pe Chart

That it took two months to maximize the effect shows that it takes some practice to know precisely how much benzocaine to apply, and where to apply it, to experience the best results.

Even if medications are doing their job, trying a topical agent like Roman Swipes can help you gain even better control. It’s also an option when medication isn’t possible (e.g., ineffective, negative side effects, medication interactions) or desired.

There’s a variety of options in how men prefer to treat their PE. Medications may have some great advantages when they work as planned, especially if a quick resolution is important. They also may be preferred when erectile dysfunction (ED) is the cause of PE because resolving ED can often resolve or improve symptoms of PE, too.

Over approximately 2 to 3 months, men can learn to use the right amount of benzocaine—an amount that increases both the duration and enjoyment of sex—and reach the point where they need less prescription medicine, or none at all. For us, this would be great for the patient and a true success for all providers on the Roman platform.

The goal is a complete sense of control over the timing of ejaculation, but it may take time to find the ideal solution for you. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call. We’re always here to offer support.


Benzocaine 4% wipes were evaluated in an independent, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial to test the effect, safety and tolerability of benzocaine 4% wipes in men who had PE. Preliminary results were presented at the annual American Urological Association’s annual meeting in 2017.

Who was tested?

The study enrolled 26 men (18 years and older) with PE in monogamous, heterosexual relationships. The average Intravaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time (IELT) of the men was less than two minutes as measured with a stopwatch. IELT measures how long it takes a man to reach orgasm after entering the vagina.

How were they studied?

About two-thirds of the men were randomly selected to use benzocaine 4% wipes for two months while one-third used a placebo wipe. After a month, the men on the placebo were allowed to use the real benzocaine 4% wipes. The study measured how long it took to orgasm by looking at the IELT over the course of two months with a questionnaire to assess how they felt emotionally.

The results

The men treated with benzocaine 4% wipes showed a statistically significant improvement in IELT after the first month of treatment. Where they lasted just 75 seconds at the start of the study, the men lasted, on average, 2.75 minutes after the first month of treatment. They experienced even greater improvement after the second month with an average of 5.5 minutes. The men averaged about 10 sexual episodes over that two months

The treated men also reported greater improvement in control of their ejaculation, more satisfaction with sexual intercourse and less distress and frustration related to sex. After two months of treatment, 82 percent of men in the study were no longer considered to have PE.

Men in the study reported no transfer of benzocaine to their partner during sex and only two of the men experienced side effects (mild headache, back pain and a mild irritation on the penis) that resolved on its own.

Practice makes perfect

It takes practice for anyone to learn which areas are the most sensitive. Exploring when to apply the benzocaine and discovering your most sensitive areas is a process. We recommend including some behavioral modification techniques as an added way to gain control and learn about your sexual responses. Together, the topical anesthetics and exercises can help control your reactions to sexual sensations.


The medical profession is recognizing how vital your role is in discovering the best treatment for you. A recent article in the International Journal of Urology concluded that “moving forward, urologists, psychiatrists and primary care doctors alike have to tailor their treatment of PE to the patient as an individual to improve outcomes. Each presentation of PE is unique in and of itself.”

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