Does Everyone with Erectile Dysfunction Need Treatment?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) comes in all degrees, from achieving a minimally diminished erection to being unable to experience even a minor erection. Anyone with ED should see a doctor to make sure they don’t have a health problem. However, that does not mean everyone needs a pill to improve their erections. A 70-year old man with a significant decrease in his capacity to maintain an erection may be in perfect synch with his spouse who enjoys their intimacy for as long as it lasts with his doing what he can. He may be happy with their shared intimacy as it exists. On the other hand, a 37-year old, single man may want to know an occasional issue with erections will not interfere with a new relationship. The situation could just as easily be reversed. Whether a medication is needed or not can change as someone’s life situation changes, and that is true at any age. There are few social absolutes when it comes to treating ED.