Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medications are recreational drugs.


If a man’s erections are invariably robust and he takes an ED medication, he will experience absolutely no benefit. However, if he takes the medication and his erections improve significantly, then he may have an issue. Perhaps, it happened slowly over time or there was a long period between sexual experiences. In any case, what drove him to try the medication was justified.

However, it should be noted, if changes do not bother a man or his companion, and he is able to achieve and to maintain an erection satisfactory for sexual activity, he does not meet the definition for Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

As a medical caution, whether a diminution in function is of concern sexually or not, it may be a harbinger of health issues yet undetected. As much as it is advisable for a man to address Erectile Dysfunction (ED), meaning he fulfills the formal definition of ED, a man with the same degree of change in erectile function, whether of concern or not, will benefit from a medical evaluation.