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Annual Checkup Guides

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Studies show, men are less likely to see the doctor for their annual checkup than women across all age ranges and demographics. That avoidance could…

6 (Medical) Tips for Better Sleep

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1 in 3 adults get fewer than 6 hours of sleep per night. Sleep deprivation is linked to car accidents, work accidents, and an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, cancer, depression, and even all-cause mortality. If everyone knows that sleep is important to your health, why are people so bad at getting the sleep they need? Here are 6 tips for a better night’s sleep that don’t involve sleep medication. You’re welcome.

Why is Meditation So Good for You?

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As more research points to powerful psychological and physiological benefits, doctors are starting to integrate meditation and mindfulness techniques into cardiovascular and stress treatment. And the best part? No negative side effects. Meditation is free, easy to do, customizable to your needs and physical limitations, and effective—even in small doses. All you need is 15 minutes and a few deep breaths to start improving your cardiovascular and mental health.

Friends Can Help You Live Longer: The Science of Social Connection

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Loneliness is bad for you. No, really. Learn how the science of social connection can help you lead a healthier, happier life by connecting with your community, family, and friends.

6 Heart Healthy Foods You’ll Actually Eat

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It seems like there’s a new superfood every week. Acai, matcha, soylent, kale, goji berries—it’s hard to keep track. But what you eat matters, especially to your heart.…

Why Cholesterol is Too Important to Ignore

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Simply put, high cholesterol kills. Elevated cholesterol levels are linked to a higher risk of heart disease (the leading cause of death in America), and according…