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Dr. Michael Reitano

Dr. Michael Reitano

Dr. Michael Reitano is the Physician in Residence for Roman Health. A former professor at NYU, he's a nationally recognized physician specializing in sexual health and wellness. Founding editor of Sexual Health Magazine, and author—his clinical research has been published in prestigious medical journals.

morning erections

Morning Wood is Weirdly Important

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Men are supposed to wake up with an erection every morning. Seriously, if you’re in “good health,” your body is hard-wired for “morning wood.” In fact, nocturnal erections—or “sleep-related erections”…

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penile fracture

Yes, You Can Break Your Penis. And It’s as Awful as it Sounds

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Cards on the table, guys—penile fracture is a rough topic. If you’re squeamish, maybe this one’s not for you—because yes, you can break your penis. And yes, it really is…

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