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Roman swipes sachets

Convenient, over-the-counter wipes clinically proven to help you last longer in bed. Because who doesn’t want a more satisfying sex life?

Just apply Roman Swipes to the most sensitive parts of your penis, wait five minutes to dry and you’re ready to go. The 4% benzocaine in Roman Swipes reduces overstimulation without eliminating sensation altogether, improving your endurance.

More satisfying sex is possible with Roman Swipes. Your partner will enjoy the effects but won’t feel any desensitization.

So, are you ready to last longer?

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$22/mo Quarterly

Receive three boxes (24 wipes) every three months

Save $60 a year

$27/mo Monthly

Receive one box (8 wipes) every month

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Why Roman Swipes


Swipes ship in unmarked packaging, fit in your pocket and leave no scent or taste after drying


You’re ready to enjoy more satisfying sex five minutes after application

Better for them

Your partners will love Swipes because they get all the positive effects and none of the desensitization

Free 2-day shipping

All Swipes orders include free, 2-day shipping to your home, apartment, office, wherever

How to use

Endurance in your back pocket

  1. Ready. Open the individually-wrapped Swipes
  2. Set. Apply to the most sensitive parts of the penis and let it dry
  3. Go!Enjoy more stamina and more satisfying sex


They loved a little longer

“Thanks for handling everything so smoothly and efficiently. Everything about Roman has been great. I am grateful for Roman’s help and have nothing but good things to say about you guys.”
Member from Ohio, September 2018
“I received my shipment and I just want to say thank you. It was delivered very discreetly and in a timely manner. The box and the packaging was top notch! I look forward to my next shipment.”
Member from Florida, October 2018
“I received my package today and I would like to say how impressed I am with the professionalism and delivery speed.”
Member from Texas, October 2018
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Frequently asked questions

What are the side effects?

If you’re allergic to benzocaine, you might experience typical, topical allergic reactions like redness and swelling. Contact your doctor if you notice any reactions.

Can I use this for oral sex?

Yes. As long as you’re allowing your penis to dry, five minutes after swiping, you’re good to go. Waiting means there’s no taste or smell for your partner.

Can I use this solo?

Definitely. Roman Swipes won’t affect the skin on your hand. In fact, private time (if you catch our drift) could help you last even longer.

Still have questions?

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