What are normal testosterone levels in men?

Greater than 300 ng/dL

That's 20x more than normal testosterone levels in women

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Normal testosterone levels in men

The exact cutoffs for normal testosterone levels vary, but estimates typically range from 270-1,070 ng/dL. According to the American Urological Association having a value below 300 ng/dL is a reasonable cutoff to be diagnosed with low testosterone. It’s a large spectrum, and many healthy guys fall at different places within this range. Because when it comes to testosterone levels, “healthy” means something different to everyone. (For comparison, healthy testosterone levels for women are much lower than this).

Your testosterone levels depend largely on three key factors:

  • Your age
  • Genetics
  • Existing health conditions

Testosterone levels decline as men age

Testosterone levels peak for most guys in their 20s (usually before 25). Then testosterone declines with age at about a rate of 1% every year. Obviously, this decline can vary on a number of factors. Obesity can significantly lower testosterone levels. But men simply produce less testosterone as they age. Ever notice how guys tend to “mellow” as they get older? That’s due in part to declining testosterone levels.

Testosterone levels fluctuate

Your testosterone levels also fluctuate throughout the day. Testosterone peaks in the morning and dips in the afternoon. That’s why it’s better to get your testosterone levels checked in the morning to see your peak testosterone levels.

If you experience any symptoms of low testosterone get tested to find out if your testosterone levels are within healthy ranges.

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