I am amazed how effective these pills are…beyond my expectations…I am able to have and enjoy sexual intercourse for the first time in years…Thank you very much for this service!!

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How We’re Making it Safe to Get Treatment for E.D.

Everyone knows how effective Cialis and Viagra (Or the much more affordable generic equivalent “Sildenafil”) can be to treat E.D. That’s why Roman offers you the option to select the right medication to meet your needs. What many men may not know is that other shady online websites do not provide access to a licensed doctor at all, and up to 80% of the medication they sell contains toxins like paint thinner and printer ink!

Roman is fully certified, and designed to give you the full experience of a doctor visit, right from the comfort of home. That way you can feel safe in knowing you’re getting the best treatment and real deal medication. Here’s how we do it.


LegitScript ensures that all online pharmacies are safe and appropriate for the public before they can be certified. Their vision is to make the internet safer and more transparent by letting you know who’s behind a website, product, or service in order to make informed decisions. It certifies that companies that are acting legally and ethically to ensure the consumer has everything they need to make the right decision.

Roman has made sure everything is legal, well regulated and safe for our members to get the best possible experience.


Roman takes our members privacy seriously. That’s why we not only ensure your information is only reviewed by a fully licensed doctor assigned to answer your questions and concerns, but we even ensure our packaging is anonymous. Opening up your Roman box is like unpacking a sleek new iPhone, and the box is completely discreet. We can ship it directly to your door so you don’t have to deal with annoying questions from nurses and pharmacists.


From TechCrunch to Forbes to the New York Times, Roman is being talked about by everybody who is interested in getting men the treatment they need in a seamless and safe environment. We’re proud of the work we’re doing, and the positive feedback from our members and major publications let’s us know we’re still on the right track.