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Last updated November 10, 2019. 3 minute read

Penis sleeves: what are cock sleeves? What are they for?

A penis sleeve (also known as a cock sleeve or penis extender, among many other names) is something you can wear over your penis to increase length and/or girth.

Self Written by Michael Martin
Reviewed by Mike Bohl, MD, MPH

What is a penis sleeve?

A penis sleeve is an implement worn around the penis to increase length and/or girth. 

One way to think about a penis sleeve is that it’s kind of a wearable dildo. Penis sleeves often are anatomically similar to the penis and include lifelike details, although some models are more minimalist. The penis sleeve fits over the wearer’s penis and may be held in place by a loop that fits around the testicles (called a ball strap). 


  • A penis sleeve (also known as a cock sleeve or penis extender, among many other names) is something you can wear over your penis to increase length and/or girth. 
  • Some couples like to use penis sleeves as to vary the sensations of intercourse.
  • Penis sleeves come in many different shapes, sizes and fabrications.
  • A penis sleeve can help you last longer during sex.

Penis sleeves are known by many other names: Cock sleeve, penis sheath, penis extender, penis extension, penis enhancer, extension sleeve … the list goes on.
Fittingly, penis sleeves are made in a wide range of materials—including soft silicone, rubber and latex—and a bunch of different colors, shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Some penis sleeves have enhanced features, such as vibration.

Why use a penis sleeve?

Penis sleeves were initially developed in the ’60s for men who had issues with erectile dysfunction (ED) before there were medications like Viagra and Cialis. Today, there are several other treatments for ED so that a penis sleeve isn’t a go-to for that purpose. But they can be useful to have on standby in the event you’re having trouble staying in the mood or want to keep going after ejaculating. Some guys like to use penis sleeves as a sex toy, to enhance the experience for themselves and their partners and keep their sex life varied. A penis sleeve can: 


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  • Increase length and girth of the penis. The appearance of extra girth and length can be a visual turn-on for you or your partner, along with giving them a different experience during penetration. 
  • Change penis shape and sensation of penetration for your partner. A penis sleeve can change the shape and size of your penis and add variety for penetrative sex for your partner. It can change the sensations that result from different sexual positions. Some penis sleeves come in sizes and shapes that are designed for G-spot stimulation; some have vibrating elements at the base that are meant for clitoral stimulation. 
  • Help you last longer during sex. Many penis sleeves are thin enough that you can maintain some pretty significant sensation upon penetration. But it will reduce that sensation compared to penetrating with or without a condom, so that could help you last longer during sex. 

If you have premature ejaculation (PE), using a penis sleeve could help you get used to having penetrative sex longer and reduce any anxiety around the process. But some guys who don’t necessarily have an issue with PE like to experiment with a penis sheath also.

How to use a penis sleeve?

As we mentioned, there are a ton of different varieties of sleeves available online. If you want to use one with a partner, talk about what they might find exciting visually and sensation-wise. They might be curious about a girth enhancer but not length, or vice-versa, or both.  You can use a penis sleeve with other sex toys, including a vibrator, penis pump, dildo, masturbator (a.k.a. stroker), or cock ring. When putting on a penis sleeve, you can apply lube inside, which can enhance stimulation of the glans and shaft.

Matters of size

Whenever we talk about penile enhancement of any kind, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. It’s really common to wonder or fantasize about what it would be like to have a bit more length or girth downstairs. But it’s important not to let a fantasy or a partner’s potential interest in toys make you feel bad about yourself. 

First of all: We’d pretty much bet the farm that you don’t “need” a penis extender. Porn has warped pretty much every guy’s idea of what’s normal, sizewise. (Read the latest science about average penis size here.) Whether you use a penis sleeve or other accessories—or not—have fun with it, and do it in open communication with your partner about what they like. Because when it comes to a satisfying sex life, no amount of length or girth—or size of toy collection—is a match for that kind of intimacy.