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More than 80% of allergy sufferers fail to choose the best OTC medication to treat their symptoms.

We offer various FDA-approved treatments to attack different parts of the allergy pathway. Complete your free online visit and, if appropriate, a doctor will prescribe a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you.

Prescription treatment starting at $29/month

(shipped and billed monthly or quarterly)

Azelastine Nasal Spray

Generic Astelin

A fast-acting nasal antihistamine spray for the relief of the symptoms of perennial and seasonal allergic rhinitis, like watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. Learn more.


Fast-acting (within 15 minutes)

Safe for every day use

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Important safety information

Azelastine may decrease alertness, slow reaction time, and cause fatigue. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while using azelastine and avoid concurrent use of other central nervous system depressants, like alcohol. For more, please see this additional important safety information.

Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray

Generic Flonase

A non-drowsy nasal corticosteroid spray that helps with both nose and eye-related symptoms of allergic rhinitis and is appropriate for use every day. Learn more.



Safe for every day use

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Generic Xyzal

A fast-acting oral antihistamine that works within an hour to help with watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy skin. Learn more.


Fast-acting (within an hour)

Works for 24 hours

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Generic Singulair

An oral medication that helps with the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, like nasal congestion and mucus production. Learn more.


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Important safety information

Do not use montelukast if you are allergic to it, pregnant or breastfeeding, or need relief for a sudden asthma attack. Montelukast has been associated with changes in behavior and mood, like anxiousness and depression. For more, please see this additional important safety information.

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Dealing with ongoing allergy symptoms can be miserable, and can take a toll on your every day life. If your mild to severe symptoms are bothering you, we want to help.

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For more information about allergies, Roman, Ro and more, visit our FAQ page. To speak to a care representative, give us a call at (888) 798-8686 or email us at [email protected].

What is allergic rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis is sometimes called “hay fever” or “seasonal allergies,” although it can be caused by nonseasonal substances as well. Allergic rhinitis refers to inflammation in the nose (rhinitis) that occurs when you are exposed to a substance you are allergic to. The term “allergic rhinitis” does not refer to all kinds of allergies you may have. For example, food allergies and allergies to medications do not typically cause allergic rhinitis.

What are allergies?

“Allergies” is a general term that refers to a reaction the body has to allergens. Allergens are substances that are generally not harmful to the body. However, if you have allergies, the immune system thinks allergens are dangerous and tries to fight them off like it would any other intruder, such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Having allergies, therefore, means the immune system is overactive. In other words, the immune system is doing something it is normally supposed to do but the reaction is exaggerated, unnecessary, and even harmful to the body. In medical terminology, this overreaction is called a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction.

There are many different kinds of allergies that differ based on the part of the body affected and the severity of symptoms. In some cases, allergies may cause a small rash or runny nose. In other cases, allergies can be life-threatening. Types of allergies include allergic rhinitis (inflammation in the nose), contact dermatitis (an allergic reaction on the skin), allergic asthma (a specific type of asthma), and anaphylaxis (a life-threatening condition that involves swelling of the airways).

What are the most common allergens?

There are many different allergens that affect the body. These include foods, plants, animals, metals, chemicals, medications, and more. Some allergens are known as airborne allergens because they are present in the air. The most common airborne allergens include tree pollens, grass pollens, weed pollens, pet dander, and molds. Dust mites and cockroach allergens are also common and may be airborne, however they settle more quickly than the other airborne allergens.

Roman only offers treatment for allergic rhinitis, which is caused by airborne allergens. However, there are many other common allergens you may have. The most common food allergens are fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, soy, and milk. These allergens always need to be labeled on food if they are present. Other allergens you may have heard of include:

  1. Insect venom (e.g. getting stung by a bee)
  2. Nickel (e.g. getting a rash after wearing certain jewelry)
  3. Latex (e.g. getting a rash when coming into contact with latex)
  4. Medications (e.g. getting hives after taking penicillin)

What causes allergic rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis is typically caused by allergens that are airborne. These are roughly divided into outdoor airborne allergens and indoor airborne allergens. Common airborne allergens found outdoors include tree pollens, grass pollens, and weed pollens. Common airborne allergens found indoors include animal dander, dust mites, and mold.

Outdoor allergens are usually seasonal because plants release pollen at certain times of the year. Spring allergies are commonly due to tree pollens. Late spring and summer allergies are commonly due to grass pollens. Late summer and autumn allergies are commonly due to weed pollens, such as ragweed pollen. In fact, ragweed pollen is one of the primary causes of allergic rhinitis and 75% of people with pollen allergies are allergic to ragweed.

Indoor allergens may be present throughout the year. However, certain situations can make indoor allergies worse. For example, animal dander allergies may be worse in the winter because pets may spend more time indoors and there is less circulating fresh air. And mold allergies may be worse if there is a very rainy spring season.

What causes allergies?

Researchers aren’t sure why some people develop allergies and others do not. What we do know is that the tendency to develop allergies is genetic. This means if your family members have allergies, you are more likely to have them as well. Additionally, certain allergic conditions commonly occur together. Known as the “atopic triad,” these conditions are allergic rhinitis, eczema (also called atopic dermatitis), and allergic asthma.

Prescription relief, without the waiting room

All of our FDA-approved allergy treatment options were hand selected by our in-house, board-certified ENT.

Complete a free online visit and, if appropriate, a doctor will prescribe a personalized treatment plan that’s best for you. Finding the right allergy treatment shouldn’t be a guessing game.

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